Pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) CAP P8 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN) 2004 (as amended) and the Kaduna State Tax (Codification and Consolidation) Law 2016, the Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service (KADIRS) wishes to educate and enlighten the taxpaying public on the provisions of the tax law on filing of tax returns for 2017.


The following returns are required to be filed within the specified due dates as follows:


Employers Annual Tax Returns


This return is expected to be filed by employers in respect of employees remuneration, PAYE tax deducted and remitted for the pre-ceding year (i.e. 2016). The returns should contain the following information:

  • Names of Employees
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • Staff Identity Number
  • Total emolument/Remuneration
  • Consolidated Tax Relief/Allowance
  • Chargeable Income
  • Tax Deducted and Remitted to KADIRS
  • E-ticket (evidence of tax remittance)

The above information should be filed together with Form A (Rev 49) to be completed by each employee.

The due date for filing the employer`s annual tax returns is on or before 31st January 2017 and should be signed by any principal officerof the company (MD, Accountant or Company Secretary).





Self Employed Tax Returns


 Section 26 of the State tax law specified that every taxable person shall every year, prepare and submit tax returns to KADIRS whether they are liable to tax or not. The category of persons to file these returns includes all Self-employed persons (Professionals, Lawyers, Medical Practitioners, Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Businessmen and women, Proprietors of Schools, Hospital etc.). The returns to be filed by this category of taxpayers should include:

  • Audited Accounts/Statement of Income for the year of assessment.
  • Sources of such income
  • Allowances, Reliefs and Deductions
  • Tax Computations
  • E-ticket (evidence of tax paid)

The returns are expected to be filed on or before 31st March every year.


Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Tax Returns

PAYE tax is applicable to employees who are under paid employment. It is the responsibility of all employers of labour under the PAYE system to register, deduct the tax from monthly remunerations paid to employees, prepare monthly return and remit the PAYE tax to KADIRS every month. The contents of the returns are:


  • Names of Employees 
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • Employee’s Staff ID Number
  • Total Remuneration for the month
  • Tax Deducted and Remitted
  • Evidence of Tax Remitted (e-ticket)


The PAYE returns are expected to be filed by employers on or before the 10th ofevery month.


Presumptive Tax Returns


Presumptive Tax was introduced in the State in 2016 to capture the informal sector taxpayers who do not have or keep adequate accounting records that will assist in calculating their tax liabilities. The taxpayers under the presumptive tax include petty traders, artisans, market men and women.


The category of taxpayers under the presumptive tax, are expected to submit their tax returns within 90 days from the commencement of each year. Taxpayers under this category who file their returns and pay their tax within the due date are entitled to 1% tax rebate.


Withholding Tax Returns.


Withholding Tax is an advanced payment of tax. It is deducted from payments made to third parties for services rendered e.g. consultancy, contract, rent, royalties, etc. Taxpayers are required to prepare returns on such withholding taxes in accordance with the stipulated withholding tax rates.



The Withholding Tax on services rendered by individuals, partnerships or enterprisesare to be remitted to KADIRS and the returns are to be filed within 30 days after the deduction with the evidence of payment.

KADIRS wishes to inform all taxpayers that statutory sanctions will be imposed for non-compliance as stipulated by law.


Please file your tax returns as and when due to enable KADIRS serves you better.


Happy New Year to our esteemed taxpayers

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