Mission and Vision


“To become the most efficient and innovative revenue generation agency in Nigeria built on integrity, teamwork offering prompt services to boost taxpayer’s confidence for the effective and efficient governance of Kaduna State”



“To render value added services by being firm and fair, entrenching a sustainable system that will encourage massive voluntary tax compliance and improved internally generated revenue”

Core Values

The core values that are our value proposition in driving our mission are stated below;

Prompt service, Integrity, Teamwork and Innovation (PITI)

Prompt service- Quick turnaround in providing service and customer requests

Integrity-               Consistent in being firm and fair to stakeholders

Teamwork-          Synergizing individual capacities to derive better corporate output

Innovation-          Continuous improvement in operation


Relevant Information
Tax Rate
  • 7% First N 300,000
  • 11% Next N 300,000
  • 15% Next N 500,000
  • 21% Next N 500,000
  • 21% Next N 1,600,000
  • 24% Above N 3,200,000
Tax Payment Mode
  • Option 1 InterSwitch PayDirect
  • Option 2 Quick Teller

Branch Location